Why Supplements

In my clinic, as a homeopathic pediatrician, my efforts are dedicated to understanding what promotes health. This includes what causes, what prevents, as well as what heals the diverse conditions affecting our children. Careful nurturing through the formative years creates the basis for good health throughout life. On the physical level, this means a healthful diet and nutritional supplements.
  • Studies from around the world show that modern farming methods have resulted in depleted soil conditions. Hence, the foods grown in that soil no longer contain the full spectrum of essential nutrients needed for healthy development, strong immune function and emotional and mental vitality.
  • Fast food, junk food, processed food, poor dietary habits, and the finicky appetites of many children also require nutritional supplementation to correct and balance nutritional deficiencies.


Dr. Murray Clarke
Dr. Murray C. Clarke, D.Hom., L.Ac. holds licenses and doctorates in three fields of medicine: naturopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine and Chinese medicine (including acupuncture and herbology.) He has taught homeopathy on the faculty of Samra University and Emperor’s College. He established his clinic in 1988 in Santa Monica, California where he continues to specialize in pediatrics with an emphasis on nutrition and homeopathy.