“This brand has been my go-to ever since my daughter was an infant and I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. M speak at our local health food store. Have been hooked ever since. We have used many products with much success – First Defense, Multi-Vitamin, Cod Liver Oil, Vit. D3….ChildLife Essentials is always our number one choice! Thank you for putting our children first! ❤”


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“I tried several different vitamins with my toddler to no avail before finally finding your liquid multivitamin. Saying she loves it is an understatement! She actually reminds me to give it to her in the mornings and I get to have peace of mind not only in that I don’t have to force something on her but that’s she’s truly getting the best of the best. Thank you for making such great tasting, truly healthy products!!”


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Many parents in our preschool love it too. Our preschool teacher has been taking it as well, and has had a great fall/winter as a result. I can’t say enough good about it!”


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It is really a wonderful support, and I recommend it to all other parents I know. With a good diet, good rest and that stuff, my kids are not getting sick anymore in the winter. I am truly amazed.”


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