Our Children’s Future

What is Happening to Our Earth is
Happening to Our Children

by Dr. Murray C. Clarke
At the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, recent soil analysis studies from around the world showed that North American topsoil contains on average 85% less mineral content now than it did 100 years ago. In large part, this is due to overuse and the effects of modern farming methods which deplete the soil of its elements and then fail to replace all of the sixty minerals found in healthy soil.

The foods we eat take minerals from the soil, store some and convert others to vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Thus, the nutritional content of plant and animal foods is directly determined by the health and vitality of the soil. When the soil is unhealthy and deficient, so are the foods grown on it. The decline in the quality of the earth’s soil, air and water is drastically lowering the nutritional quality of the foods we eat.

In my clinic as a homeopathic physician and acupuncturist for the past twenty-eight years, I have had the opportunity to specialize in pediatrics. I treat children with conditions ranging from recurrent ear infections, colds, coughs, sinusitis and flus to allergies, eczema, asthma and digestive complaints to the deeper conditions of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders, behavioral problems and autism. In my quest to help my patients lead healthier lives, much of my efforts are dedicated to understanding what causes and what prevents and cures the conditions afflicting our children.

Studies show that in recent years doctor visits by children for recurring ear infections increased 135%, Asthma increased 200% in the past ten years, Autism increased 300% in the past ten years and ADHD increased 500% in the past ten years. According to a 2007 article in the Journal of American Medicine, one in five children now suffer from some type of developmental, learning, attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder. What is affecting our children’s health so much that they are now much more susceptible to infections, allergies and asthma, as well as to emotional and mental imbalances?

Initially, we must recognize that children are working twice as hard as adults on a daily basis. They require the energy and nutrients both to face the day-to-day challenges of life and the environment, as well as the energy and nutrients to grow. Their bodies and minds are undergoing construction as they develop physically, mentally and emotionally as human beings. From this perspective, we realize the importance of supporting their formative years by supplying their bodies with the essential nutrients that are required for this delicate ‘life under construction’ stage. The body and mind that are developed during childhood and adolescence become the foundation for the rest of their lives.

The essential nutrients comprised of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids are the raw materials required for proper bone, muscle, organ, immune, neuronal and brain development. These nutrients are called essential because our bodies cannot manufacture them. They must be delivered, on a daily basis, through food and supplements so the body has what it needs to grow and function properly.

There is a wealth of research and information on how the spectrum of essential nutrients supports healthy development, strong immune function and emotional and mental vitality. This research tells us that one of the fundamental reasons for the decline in children’s health and immunity is the decline in the nutritional content and value of their diet and environment. Air, water and food are the elements which support growth. Any imbalances or deficiencies in these elements will sooner or later show up as a symptom of compromised immune, physical, mental or emotional function. A symptom should always be seen as a signal from the body that it is not receiving what is needed to maintain normal functioning.

In the course of knowing and treating thousands of children, I have observed that good diet and nutritional supplements are the cornerstone for the development and maintenance of good health. Supplementing the diet with additional vitamins and minerals has become a necessity because so much is lacking in the foods available today. The ultimate prevention and cure for recurrent infections, allergies, asthma and the other maladies our children face is careful nurturing delivered through the formative years. On the physical level, this is accomplished by means of a good diet and nutritional supplements.

The ChildLife® program is made up of those essentials which my clinical practice has shown to be the most valuable in maintaining healthy development and promoting natural immune and defense strength. ChildLife Essentials® are made from the highest quality natural ingredients in formulas designed to support children. Their good taste makes all the difference in whether taking nutritional supplements becomes a battle of wills or an easy part of the daily routine.

The ChildLife® Daily Maintenance Group provides a foundation of the essential nutrients needed on a daily basis for growth and healthy development. It consists of:

1. Multi-Vitamin & Mineral
2. Liquid Calcium w/ Magnesium
3. Liquid Vitamin C
4. Organic Vitamin D3
5. Probiotics w/ Colostrum (Chewable)
6. Prenatal DHA
7. Toothpaste Tablets
8. Cod Liver Oil
9. Pure DHA
10. Probiotics w/ Colostrum (Powder)
11. Vitamin D3
12. Essential Fatty Acids

The ChildLife® Immune Support Group stimulates natural immune responses and defends the body. These formulas can be used at the first sign of any cold, cough, flu, sinusitis or ear infection, and also periodically to maintain and increase natural defense protection. The Immune Support Group is made up of:

1. First Defense
2. Echinacea
3. Liquid Vitamin C
4. Aller-Care
5. Probiotics w/ Colostrum (Powder)
6. Probiotics w/ Colostrum (Chewable)
7. Formula 3 Cough Syrup

With a little extra information and a lot of love and care, the issues compromising our children’s good health can be understood and overcome. It is my hope that ChildLife Essentials® will play an ongoing role in that hopeful and healthful process.